Схема acer 721 ms2298

схема acer 721 ms2298
Click OK. Disable system restore System restore definitely has its advantages. Contents Add more RAM Adding more RAM is one of the most expensive and invasive options for remedying a slow netbook. For my configuration, I can get a 2 2GB Crucial DDR2 for about $58 on Crucial. I normally search Amazon for better deals — this time I’d save about $10 if I get it through Amazon. Although these particular settings work for me, they may not be the best fit for how you use your netbook and your environment. Click OK. Disable McAfee anti-virus Anti-virus programs are necessary in many environments for providing a safe computing experience. If anti-virus programs saved your computer more times than you can remember, do not take my advice. More tips If you like the free article above, I will personally send you a 16-page Special PDF Report: Is Your Acer Aspire One Slow?

Since my netbook is not my primary computer, system restore is an extra application that takes up resources to periodically snapshot images of my system. In addition, it requires a relatively large chunk of disk space. So, I disable it. Run the System application from the search results. Please use these tips at your own risk. Type program and features in the search box. Uncheck processes you don’t want running at startup.

Click Uninstall. UPDATE: A comment from Sindhu suggested… rather than uninstalling McAfee, stop the McAfee services and change the start-up type to Manual. Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links in this post are affiliate links (e.g. Amazon), and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you decide to make a purchase. You can also rely on the memory experts at Crucial for this information. Run the Sound application from the search results. Run the Program and Features application from the search results. Run the System Configuration application from the search results.

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